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Unlock the value of your digital media assets.


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Benefit your business with KASE

Why KASE? Because your media assets represent your history, your brand heritage and document the work you do. With KASE Digital Media Management you’ll unlock the value of your media assets for use anywhere, anytime and on any device. Here’s how.

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    With KASE, your media is optimised, accessible and ready to use at any time on any platform ensuring you exploit the maximum value from your digital media asset spend.

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    With our advanced tagging structures your media is organised, maintained and easily located for instant use, whenever and wherever you need.

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    Apply customised permission structures so only the right people access the right content. It’s the perfect location to store the latest versions of all your digital media assets.

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    Your digital data is secure and protected by backing it up to six redundancy levels from the most secure cloud servers, to physical tape. You can be confident KASE is protecting your organisation’s past, present and future.

  • Reduce Cost

    It's your virtual media archiving team, handling media ingestion, metadata, upgrading to the highest quality digital formats, and all media requests. No internal team required.

  • Reach

    Our inbuilt media streaming service is available to any device, anywhere in the world making KASE your control panel to the world of digital media publishing.


The simple way to control your media assets

  • Audit

    First, we undertake a complete audit of your current digital assets to determine what you have and how you use it.

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  • Ingestion and Build

    In consultation with you, we ingest all your digital assets, upgrading to the latest high definition formats where possible. We’ll then create logical library structures and apply metadata for easy searching.

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    As you create new media, we’ll ingest it into our system, apply metadata and back it up. We can also handle any media requests for master files and larger formats, and supply valuable statistics with monthly usage reports.

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    When all your media assets are organised and optimised, we’ll maximise their reach by deploying and retracting media across all channels (including your website, Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook and Twitter) from one single KASE point.


Because security is so much more than a hard drive

So to the technical stuff.

  • Reliability

    KASE employs technology that has a 99.9 per cent service level agreement, ensuring your media is accessible 24/7, 365 days a year.

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    From the world’s most secure cloud servers through to physical tape backup, we ensure your digital assets are always safe and secure.

  • Redundancy

    All media held within the KASE system is secure to six redundancy levels. We store our assets on multiple servers in various locations in both digital and physical states to ensure that your media is always protected.

We made it so we know it works.

KASE is our product and we stand behind it. Contact us to find out more about how KASE can benefit your business.

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